In the following rules you will find the house rules of our hotel.
If you violate one or more rules you will need to leave the hotel immediately.
To make a comfortable stay for each guest, we ask you to follow the rules below:

  1. No smoking is allowed. If smoking occurs, a cleaning fine of $50 is charged.
  2. The usage of candles is prohibited.
  3. Use of any kind of drugs is not allowed on the hotel premises!
  4. Your room need to stay clean.
  5. The damage in the room will be paid by the perpetrator.
  6. Please do not disturb other Hotel guests by loud noise in Hotel rooms, hallways and public areas especially between 10:00 pm till 7:00 am.
  7. You can check-in after 11:00 am.
  8. Checkout times: till 12:00 pm.
  9. There are no pets allowed!
  10. The hotel may cancel or change your reservation by any means necessary.
  11. Do not move the furniture in the room!
  12. At all times you are forced to leave room in clean states.
  13. The room must be left in good states!
  14. You can get the house rules at the lobby!
  15. The hotel is not responsible for accidents and thefts.

Enjoy your stay in Annex Plaza Hotel!